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A platform for talented people

Are you looking for an opportunity to really make a difference? Could you spare some time to help support a new venture while working on something you’re really passionate about?

Being part of a startup opens many opportunities and it challenges you every day (we should know!). Exchanging your ‘sweat’ for a share in the potential business can be extremely rewarding for the mind, body, soul and potentially for your pocket. Create your free profile and open yourself to opportunity.


A platform for great ideas

You have that one idea that you just can’t let go of, but try as you might, you’re struggling to make any real traction. You need people with skills or expertise you don’t have.  Your idea deserves it! Offering a small share in your potential business for the right team of people is common practice for startup businesses, but finding those people has always been a challenge, even for the most well connected.

If the thought of having to spend months networking with random strangers gives you the heebie jeebies, sign up now and skip all that.



80% of entrepreneurs need to fund their own business to get off the ground. Sweat equity can be a way to offset this financial requirement, giving ideas the best chance to develop into startups during those very early stages.

of ALL businesses fail

Just over 50% of businesses make it beyond year 5. One of the top reasons cited – the wrong team. Connect with sweat equity partners who share your vision and complement your skills, to help build a foundation for success.

per week

14 hours per week is the average free time a working professional has to commit to a passion project. Exchanging hours for equity in a new venture is win-win for both parties and can be very rewarding.

Great ideas deserve great people

Great ideas can come from anyone but all ideas need a strong foundation to develop into a successful start-up business. Foundations built with the right people and the right talent will support company growth, establishment and expansion.

Every great business needs people skilled in these key areas:


Creative types with the talent to design, develop, invent and build out solutions



Customer-facing talent and brand ambassadors, able to move products and services



Backbone talent, providing operational stability, protection of ideas and designs