The idea behind Sweqlink

Sweqlink was born when one determined entrepreneur struggled to fund their innovative startup. They didn't have many connections and were new to the startup world.

As they journeyed into entrepreneurship, they found a common problem faced by many startups: investors wanted the right team in place, but startups didn't have the money to hire that team. It was a tricky situation.

But during their journey, they realized there were talented people out there who were willing to contribute their skills and time to ideas they believed in. What if entrepreneurs could reward these people by giving them a share of the business? This would also create a stronger and more committed team. In the startup world, they call this "sweat equity."

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Make ideas happen

At the heart of what we’re all about is making ideas happen. We’re setting out to create a platform that eases the formation of meaningful business partnerships, connecting those with ideas and those with the skills to drive them forward under a common purpose. Our vision is defined by the following 3 pillars:

To make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone

We will ensure our communications avoids complicated language and seek to educate and demystify

To challenge under-representation in the world of startup business

We will ensure our brand seeks to inspire and connect with aspiring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds

To give business ideas the best fighting chance of success

We will develop our platform and reach out to willing and beneficial partners for our community

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Your socio-economic background shouldn't determine your potential in business. It's high time we flipped the script if we want to foster innovation and diversity in the entrepreneurial landscape. There's an opportunity here to shake things up and change the way we form business connections.

Judy Leung
Judy Leung
Founder, CEO

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