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TAP’N’TOUR is a cutting-edge digital platform, encapsulated in a user-friendly app, revolutionizing travel by providing immersive self-guided tour experiences. Empowering travellers to explore global treasures at their own pace, we bridge authentic local knowledge with modern convenience. Dive into the future of adventure with us!

Becoming the Co-Founder/CTO of our venture offers an unparalleled opportunity to shape the technological foundation of an ambitious platform poised for global impact. You’ll be stepping into a role where your expertise won’t just influence the current build but will actively steer the future direction of the platform and its reach. This position offers the creative latitude to innovate and engineer, ensuring that our platform not only meets but exceeds market expectations.

Given our current traction and the feedback from our growing user base, the timing couldn’t be better. Joining now means being at the forefront of scaling a solution that has already proven its worth in a burgeoning market space. Furthermore, as a Co-Founder, you won’t just be an employee but a key decision-maker, enjoying the thrills and challenges of entrepreneurial life while having a tangible stake in the company’s success.

Our tech stack, primarily centred around JavaScript, is streamlined for adaptability and growth. With tools like React Js for the frontend, Express JS for the backend, and React Native for mobile, you’ll be working with technologies that are both current and versatile.

In essence, this role is more than just a job. It’s an invitation to be part of a transformative journey, to co-lead a platform that promises to redefine the way we perceive and engage in self-guided tours, and to be a part of a story where technology meets passion, ambition, and community.


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