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Javascript – Technical Lead (Data / Fintech)

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If helping to shape and technically influence a data focused startup in the Fintech, Investment and B2B Business Services space interests you, then make contact and let’s talk. This is aiming to be a potentially big hitting tech opportunity in the areas of data, fintech and business intelligence. The opportunity will be both technically stimulating and challenging and the role is best suited to someone who likes to works hard and is obsessive about good coding practices and conventions. The role is full time but would consider starting it at P/T for a while.

Overall, all-round validation is going well. The product is now attracting minor early revenues in a ‘quiet beta’ phase (or stealth mode), now that MVP trials have successfully concluded. Investment conversations are also underway and two investors have put some early cash into the business. I am looking for someone who can take a technical lead position and that wants a ready-made ‘equity’ based startup opportunity.

The company was awarded an Innovate UK (Proof of Market) grant. The founder (based in Surrey, UK) has fundraising/investment background and has good interest from new investors (despite covid). Two current investors are also advisors to the business. One is a technical specialist and the other a data product specialist.

Joining as technical lead (founder role is also possible), you will be offered an equity stake in the business. There is no immediate salary, so you will need to be able to independently financially support yourself until funding comes in (just as the founder is). Plus, you are expected to take a salary, along with the current founder, once funding is received. The role is preferably full time but is flexible, with part time being possible for the right person and if it helps in the short term. The role would be home based, at least initially.

Experienced development (7+ years in commercial environments) is required to further build upon the current data collection platform and to incorporate new digital tools and web applications. Good knowledge of data & technology stacks is needed to start building the next platform. For this, early front-end page mock-ups/wireframes and a platform requirements brief have already been scoped by the founder. This features: algorithmic based finance tools, report building, data visualisation, dashboards, profile/accounts, API (in & out) development and other web features. A later phase will feature business intelligence and elements of predictive analytics, machine learning.


The current stack is:
– Javascript
– Firebase
– Angular
– Parse Server
– NodeJS
– Mongo DB

When responding to this post, please (i) say how you anticipate being able to support yourself, prior to a salary. (ii) How much weekly time would you like to spend on the project on average?


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