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Commercial Co-founder with Advertising Sales Background

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24hourlondon is a brilliant new app media company allowing consumers to find and connect with venues and places open after 11pm. We already have 15k users on the platform!

Our mission is to re-monetise local news outlets so they can inform, educate and entertain. I believe that good local journalism is fundamental to the process of living in a modern democracy. Without well-funded local news, people are insufficiently well-informed to make good political choices.

We’re looking for a co-founder with a commercial background, ideally with advertising experience and contacts that will enable them to kickstart a revenue stream on a new form of advertising software. So this would be someone with imagination as well as experience.

We can offer up to 20% of our equity on a sliding scale + half of our advertising revenue for the first year, possibly longer. If and when we find investment there could also be a salary and if this cofounder knew potential angel investors with an interest in reversing the damage done to local news over the last 15 years, that would be ideal. We’re looking for someone UK based.


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