The Power of Branding

The Power of Branding

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Key takeaways (read the original full post here):

Learn how to use the most powerful branding tools and techniques to elevate your brand equity and connect to your target audience.

Build an Emotional Connection

The video on the original post will help you understand how branding can improve the perceived value and brand equity of your company or product, and build an emotional connection with your customers.


Remembering Your Brand

It takes 28 times for customers to remember your brand. This process starts with developing a consistent and repeated message that includes your brand name and top features and benefits and pairing it with imagery that evokes an emotional connection.


Develop Your Brand

What do you want everyone in your company and your target audience to consistently say about your company or product? The video on the original post introduces you to the Brand Identity Map and helps you begin to develop a consistent message to be used throughout all your internal and external communications.


Find Your Hook

Every company needs a hook to grab the attention of its target audience. You need to develop your brand name and category descriptors, and how to pair them together to hook your target audience and drive purchase behaviour.


Leverage Your Key Features

There’s a reason why customers are drawn to a product. It’s important to leverage your top purchase features and benefits to motivate your target audience to buy from you instead of the competition.


Tap Into Your Customer’s Emotions

Discovering what your target audience feels when they interact with your product or company is a critical element in branding. The key is prioritising your features and tangible benefits and pairing them with imagery that evokes emotions to drive purchase behaviour.


Craft Your Positioning Statement

The positioning statement is a must-do in all communications to build brand awareness. It is your most repeated message that quickly describes what you do and the benefits to your target audience. Craft a positioning statement that will entice your target audience to learn more about your product.

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