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Digital Marketing Guru wanted



Seasoned growth hacker with experience in scaling start ups.

(More details coming soon)

Opportunity Highlights

  • Skills: Must have experience with SEO, Blogging, Content creation.
  • Experience: E-commerce
  • Language Requirements: English
  • Equity: Open For Discussion
  • Weekly Hours: 8-16h
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Elevator pitch :

Amazon USA have announced deliveries to customers using just the recipients mobile phone number. Most millennials and other social groups don’t store addresses like their parents, so this logistical repositioning makes sense. Our solution, like Amazons, allows buyers to mail gifts etc without an address and uses mobile numbers, but our solution relies on network effects, can be adopted by any online retailer, and unlike Amazon and other retailers, doesn’t involve sending text messages to the recipient, which with the increase in cybercrime, could be mistaken for a Smishing attack or delivered straight to Spam

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