of entrepreneurs self-fund

80% of entrepreneurs need to fund their own business to get off the ground. Sweat equity can be a way to off set this financial commitment, giving ideas the best chance to develop into start-ups

of ALL businesses fail

45% of businesses fail within 5 years. One of the top reasons cited – the wrong team. Connect with sweat equity partners who share your vision and complement your skills, to help build a foundation for success

per week

14 hours per week is the average free time a working professional has to commit to something fulfilling. Exchanging hours for equity in a business venture is win-win for both parties and can be very rewarding


The idea behind Sweqlink was born out of one entrepreneur’s struggle to fund their innovative startup. They had a limited network and no experience of the startup ecosystem.

During their journey into entrepreneurship, they came across the same issues new startup ventures faced time and time again – investors wouldn’t invest in the startup without the right team but startups don’t have the finance to recruit the right team. What a catch 22.

As this entrepreneur’s journey unfolded, they recognised an underutilised pool of talent who were happy to contribute skills and spare time in ideas they believed in. What if entrepreneurs could make it worth their while by paying for effort with shares in the business? This would also help to foster commitment and build a more dynamic team. They call this ‘sweat equity’ in startup language.

While this concept is nothing new, especially in the realms of startups, Sweqlink is the first matchmaking platform focussed solely on sweat equity partnerships. We match people looking for work-for-equity opportunities and founders wanting to pay in equity. We’re building this platform because no other self-serving solution adequately addresses this opportunity.

JUDE, Co-founder & Maker


Why did you join SweqLink and what do you do?
“Everybody loves an underdog story but the truth is that the most successful startups in the world today were founded by entrepreneurs with degrees from world-class business schools and fairly priviliged backgrounds. Your socio-economic status shouldn’t be a limiting factor in business. This needs to change if we’re going to encourage innovation and diversity in business. I see an opportunity here to really make change and disrupt the way we build business relationships.

As co-founder and maker, I’m the product owner. I ensure Sweqlink remains true to its cause – making entrepreneurship more accessible to those with limited funds, network and knowledge of the startup world.”

Make ideas happen

At the heart of what we’re all about is making ideas happen. We’re setting out to create a platform that eases the formation of meaningful business partnerships, connecting those with ideas and those with the skills to drive them forward under a common purpose. Our vision is defined by the 3 pillars below:


To make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.

We will ensure our communications avoids complicated language and
seek to educate and demystify


To challenge under-representation in the world of startup business.

We will ensure our brand seeks to inspire and connect with aspiring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds


To give business ideas the best fighting chance of success.

We will develop our platform and
reach out to willing and beneficial partners for our community