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For talented people, sweat equity partners

Create your free profile and find a passion project in the opportunities section. Support a startup and be rewarded with equity share for your commitment. We’ll help you understand the things to consider when working for startup equity.

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Maker profile


Makers are creative types with the talent to develop, invent and build out solutions

Makers may have experience in construction & engineering, design/brand development, fashion & textiles design, food/beverage technician, manufacturing & quality control, product research & development, service research & development, and software/web development type roles

In a startup, Makers are not necessarily the one with all the ideas. They will, however, be the ones to take an idea and run with it, exploring its opportunities and developing creative and well thought out solutions.

Mover profile


Movers are customer-facing talent and brand ambassadors, able to move products and services

Movers may have experience B2B sales & partnerships, B2B services, B2C sales & retail, B2C services, funding/investor relations, market research, marketing & promotion type roles

In a startup, Movers will help spread the word and drive interest, be it potential investment or sales. They’ll be the ones identifying opportunities to champion the brand and idea.

Manifester profile


Manifesters are the backbone talent, providing operational stability, protection of ideas and designs

Manifesters may have experience in accounting & finance, customer services, distribution & logistics, human resources, IT, legal & IP, supply management & procurement, training & education type roles

In a startup, Manifesters will help to set procedures and workflows in place, giving order to an otherwise undefined and chaotic way of working. They’ll be able to bring best practices and efficiency to the business.

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