Investor Deck Checklist

When we decided to raise investment, the first thing I did was google how to create the perfect pitch deck.

I wish someone had told me earlier that:

a) every VC or investor has their own opinion on what makes a good deck

b) a pitch deck is only half the story, and will only get you so far

d) a comprehensive investor deck provides the foundation for all other decks – it’s the mother of all decks, so I should start there!

Pitch deck or investor deck – what’s the difference?

A pitch deck sells your vision, is usually no more than 10 slides, and often presented in person. A pitch deck is designed to invite further discussion. An investor deck, on the other hand, needs to be standalone – it provides the key information that an investor needs to decide if they want to invest (simply not possible within 10 slides).

An investor deck needs to explain the true value of your product and show your plan to profitability. Investors should be able to understand it fully without you there to tell the story.

We’re sharing the exact content structure that helped us raise £50k pre-seed investment in 2022 because we know pitch deck examples are easy to come by but investor decks are not. Our FREE checklist will ensure you have EVERYTHING covered in your business plan and help you create a deck to nail investment! 

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